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BLACK WELLNESS AFFAIR® is an initiative to raise awareness and funds for the Black community regarding Mental Health and Wellness. We aim to destigmatize Mental Health Illness while promoting awareness through different curated social networking events providing the opportunity for individuals to feel seen and heard in a safe space.

The inception of BWA in August of 2020 was during a pandemic and worldwide black cultural revolution. Since then Black Wellness Affair has made it its mission to help educate, fundraise, and give back to underserved communities in all capacities in honor of Mental

Health Research.

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Tiffany Herbert -  Founder & Curator of BWA


Tiffany Herbert Is a Mental Health Advocate & Certified Mental Health First Aider, passionate about helping those in underserved communities that may face mental health challenges find the resources necessary to stay well and function in society.

Coming from a diverse Caribbean lineage with parents who worked in the medical field: the importance of family, support, health, and wellness were crucial during her mental health journey. “As a teenager, I learned that talking about Mental Health was uncommon in the black family and communities. There was always denial and shame around that topic so black families struggled with the distress and most times never bring it up or don’t seek help until it’s too late or too far gone. Unfortunately my Uncle, a Veteran & retired Police Officer whom was never diagnosed or shown any Mental Health Challenges, died by Suicide.”

In the BIPOC communities, people of color share a unique experience when it comes to mental health.

There is a distinct difference in the way we internalize our emotions and exhibit our behaviors compared to other races. What is Black Mental Health? Why does Black Mental Health Matter and Why is it differentiated amongst Racial and Ethnic lines, you ask? In 2018, Phillip J. Roundtree (a Black Scholar, husband and father who suffers from Depression & Suicidal thoughts) explains this on a Ted Talk. “Black Mental Health are the individual and collective experiences that influence the Wellness of a Community.”

Although people speak of #BlackLivesMatter and the Lives that are Lost, the Black people who are still LIVING are not all ALIVE & WELL.” From experiencing or witnessing generational traumas, gun violence, devastations of a Pandemic, Protests, Smeared Political Campaigns that often take a toll on our Mental & Emotional stability.

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