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7 tips on managing your Mental Health during the Pandemic

Updated: May 28, 2021

2020 began as an inciteful and reflective year for most. With everyone excited for the new decade following the slew of hashtags on social media about having 2020 vision and what that would mean in the realm of business, technology and the overall promise of a meaningful accelerated future. It took us all by surprise when the world began to head for the worst all at the same time. So much was happening at once in the media and the world around us that felt very suffocating. With an unexpected disease that surfaced, no one knew just how drastically our lives would really change. A lot like the Corona Virus that took peoples breath away literally and figuratively, those living with mental health illnesses already knew subconsciously about those feelings of hopelessness and fear of survival all too well. It didn't help that the entire world developed a sense of Anxiety and/or Depression due to the increased numbers of death, hospitalizations and the national restrictions placed by the Government and the CDC .

It was and still is a confusing time for us with more uncertainty that spilled over into 2021. The pandemic has not left us and neither has the deadly Corona Virus, despite the solution of the Vaccines. Life as we know it will never fully be the same. So many loved ones lives lost with underlying health conditions and countless others in the black and brown communities who were victims of police brutality. Some of these events may seem all too familiar in those communities. As time goes on and while no one has the complete answer as to what will happen next, we have to move on because that is the cycle of life. And while so many have grieved and fought the good fight there is still more life to live. You can't stay stuck even while coping, there has to be continuous faith in the unknown.

Here are some tips on how I stayed focused, motivated, creative, peaceful and hopeful instead of being Mentally and emotionally drained during this Pandemic.

  1. Maintain a Creative Space

Learn new Recipes, paint or indulge in some form of Art, start a Business Plan, learn a new skill, a new game. I created a safe space and support group to help with mental health stability.

2. Develop Healthier Relationships

Reach out to people that you haven't spoke to in awhile. Make sure to put the extra effort in to call more and show up more for family and friends even the overly strong ones. I checked in on the little ones (toddlers & teenagers) in my circle and of course made sure grandma was spoiled and full of love.

3. Spend time Outdoors

Whether going for a walk on Lunch Break, sitting in the front or backyard to get some fresh air. Bike ride or take a stroll around the park or the track (6ft distance & with mask on of course). Its very necessary to get some Sunlight in and not just from the windows.

4. Self Care

While Salons were closed, I learned a few Do it Yourself Hairstyles and tricks. Gave myself personal Spa days. Journal writing and vision boards are key during that time for me as well.

5. Movie Nights

Turn off the depressing news and put your phone down. Indulge in a good time and a short sweet escape. Bring the theater to you and don't forget the popcorn! I watched different genres of movies, series and documentaries. Netflix, Hulu and Prime became my best friends.

6. Take Action

Whether its completing a Goal or Task you've been putting off, make sure to take that 1st step. Even if its Baby steps and you don't fully understand how to get it all done, put your best foot forward. When you look back, You'd be surprised by all you will have accomplished after that initial Leap of Faith.

7. Pray

Even if your not super religious or know exactly how to Pray, the easiest way to start is by saying your Affirmations and believing those. Listen to an Evangelist Podcast to get educated on your spiritual journey. Learn to be intentional with your daily walk to build more confidence in your self worth and life. This helped me to align myself with my health by creating better habits, stopped my limiting beliefs and to find peace with a different perspective of what's possible. Pray for the health and sanity for yourself and loved ones during these difficult times.

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